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UTF-8 Character encoding horror

I encountered a major character encoding issue on a greek website. Greek UTF-8 characters became garbled while both mysql and php were treating them correctly as utf-8 characters. In phpmyadmin all field were unreadable...

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How to run codeigniter on nitrous.io

Recently i discovered nitrous.io a very flexible online editor and development platform. As they support php i couldn’t resist to run codeigniter (which is my favourite framework) on it. The whole process is rather simple...

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vbcache and vbseo

if you run a large forum and don’t know about vbcache i recommend taking a look into and why not purchase this awesome plugin. It’s cost is minuscule compared to the hosting costs of...

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vbulletin 4 on nginx web server

After lots of trial and error i believe to have found the best rewrite rules for vbulletin 4 to work with nginx and php5 fpm. For security reasons i recommend setting  php cgi.fix_pathinfo to 0 Let...

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Nginx rewrite rules for concrete5 cms 0

Nginx rewrite rules for concrete5 cms

    I am often asked about proper rewrite rules for concrete 5 when using nginx web server. I have found the rules below to be equivalent with the default apache2 rewrite rules: Inside...

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