vbcache and vbseo

if you run a large forum and don’t know about vbcache i recommend taking a look into and why not purchase this awesome plugin. It’s cost is minuscule compared to the hosting costs of generating the same php pages over and over again. (and vbulletin is quite resource hungry to be honest).

My issue with it emerged when i installed it on a forum with vbseo installed (which is no longer developed or supported but a lot of sites are still using it). All forum links appeared without proper rewrites!

i couldn’t find anything on the internet so i decided to write this blog post. The issue is the loading priority of the plugin which is set to only 5. When set to a high number (so it’s the last plugin to execute) everything worked as expected.

vbcache plugin

All i had to do was to locate the plugin “Stores rendered page to cache”¬†in the plugin manager and change t’s execution¬†order.

If this post helped you let me know!








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