constant service crash when adding a new package in meteor.js (via meteorite)

These days i am experimenting with meteor.js, a platform to build web apps based on node.js. While following an online tutorial i tried to install router package via meteorite (mrt add router) and everything seemed to work until i actually tried to run my application…

The service kept restarting uncontrollably and i had to kill the proccesses to stop it as ctrl+c had no effect.

I’ve tried  more packages (e.g iron-router) and all produced similar results. As you can imagine it was a pretty frustrating experience, no errors – no output just the application restarting, bringing my vps to its knees.

=> Meteor server running on: http://localhost:3000/
=> Meteor server restarted (x insert hundreds of times here)

I finally found the solution to this and wanted to post it here in hope i’ll help someone in the future. I had node.js installed via apt-get which installed an old version of it!

I finally followed this digitalocean tutorial to build a newer version of node.

So far everything seems to work as expected!


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