How to run codeigniter on

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Recently i discovered a very flexible online editor and development platform. As they support php i couldn’t resist to run codeigniter (which is my favourite framework) on it. The whole process is rather simple and straightforward, it just needs a minor tweak i’ll explain below.

Step 1: Login to your dashboard and create a new box and set it up as php. Resources are not really an issue but i decided to use all my available nitro on it. create box


Remember to enter the github repository address of codeigniter:

It’ll be immediately cloned into your workspace once your box has been deployed.

Step 2: Launch the box and enter into the IDE.

As you will see codeigniter is placed in its own directory outside the default webroot which is the www folder. While you could move everything there it’s not the best approach security wise. I prefer moving just the index.php file to the www folder and edit the paths as follows:

$system_path = ‘../Codeigniter/system’;

$application_folder = ‘../Codeigniter/application’;

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You’r done! 

Step 3: Preview and

Welcome to codeigniter

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